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Secret Superpower

In recent years, the YA market introduced readers to a broad spectrum of young people with super-human powers. I admit, some of these powers are pretty snazzy and would probably come in handy in a war-plagued dystopian universe. Like reading minds, or talking to dead people, never missing a target, manipulating the weather, or shooting laser beams from your fingertips.

All very cool.

All worthy of great tales of heroism.

A little known fact about me? I also wield a great superpower. It’s probably not worthy of a best-selling YA novel. And it would only come in handy in a post-apocalyptic world involving way too much water and Kevin Costner at the helm of an ark.

But it is a gift. And I am proud of it. So I will share my secret power with you.

Little Elle Fishing

I can catch fish.

Lots of them.


And I don’t need an expensive reel to do it. (Sorry, I had an Allison Reynolds/Breakfast Club moment. Picture me digging a shiny Penn reel, a bag of frozen squid, and a package of double bottom rigs from my overstuffed handbag…)

I don’t know the meaning of the word skunk. And I’m no girlie-girl. I bait my own hook.

Ask my father or my sons. They’ve watched with wonder and amazement as all species of sea life found themselves snagged by my infallible hook (insert evil laughter sound clip here). True story of a mother’s love… I once caught a tropical fish in the shallows of a tidal pool using a tiny plastic sand bucket and a PB&J sandwich for bait. How could I say no when he looked at me with those big watery eyes and said, “Please, Mommy. You’re the only one who can catch him for me!”

And that’s no fish tale.

I like to think it would be an advantageous power to have if I suddenly found myself struggling to survive in Panem’s District 4.

I’m a believer that everyone has something they do really well.

So I’m curious. What’s yours?


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5 Responses to “Secret Superpower”

  1. Carol Plaut says:

    I can cook, but for every great meal I have whipped up in the kitchen, RV, or camping stove there have also been those that have been less than stellar. I believe that what makes someone outstanding (1.e. super hero status) is their willingness to take a risk, try a challenge, get creative and just go for it. Thank goodness there are those who don’t give up, lick their wounds, and retreat….never to cook or whatever again.

  2. Kelly Barwick says:

    I am impressed at your fishing skills. If someone baited the hook and took the fish off after I caught it, I’d fish. My superpower is far more subtle and most likely wouldn’t save my butt in Panem.

    I can call up a Golden Girls quote for any situation. It’s true. Have you ever seen a “GG” signal in the sky? That was for me. Luckily I wear glasses, so no one knows my true identity.

  3. Megan Benedict says:

    WOW!! i love that your son turned to YOU and said no one could catch the fish but you!! 🙂 that would have made my year! I love how our kids see our everyday abilities as superhuman powers – one of the best parts of being a parent for sure. thanks for the reminder that its the little things that can mean the most – and be the ‘coolest’ – to them.

    and my superpower… i have the ability to tune out my children’s din and constant talking! i also remember rap lyrics from the 80s and 90s like NO ONE’S business!

  4. Shelley Souza says:

    The only super power I have is the ability to recognize other people’s superpowers before they’re self-evident. So I guess I wouldn’t be of much use in a post-apocalyptic universe unless there was need of a seer.

  5. KIm Koning says:

    Great post and Great Super power. Definitely would be useful in District 4. My Super Power would be that I have dreams that foretell events. I also have strong intuition when something bad happens. I can also see ghosts. So like Shelley, my powers would be more related to prophetic or seer.

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