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What's Revealed In Your Fortune?

Anyone who knows me knows my penchant for Chinese food (specifically Moo Shu Chicken with loads of hoisin, extra pancakes, and enough scallions to invoke dragon breath). I also look forward to my fortune cookie after every Chinese meal. I couldn’t resist writing a few scenes — complete with chopsticks and fortune cookies — into the manuscript for NEARLY MISSED.

Normally, my fortunes are pretty innocuous and I can’t say I’ve ever received the “tall, dark and handsome stranger” message when I’ve broken into one. But in January, I did receive two fortunes (back to back) that made me reconsider the power of this otherwise bland token treat…

Fortune #1: It is a great piece of skill to know how to guide your luck. Even while waiting for it.

Fortune #2: Today is a day to focus on one thing from beginning to finish.

Hmmm…. I opened these fortunes on the same day a very wise agent asked me to send her my full manuscript for review. Coincidentally, her advice to me when we met back in December? “Focus, young grasshopper.”

Creepy much?

So my question is… what is the best fortune you’ve ever received in a cookie and why does it stick in your mind?

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  1. Megan Benedict says:

    I LOVE fortune #1! I think the great thing about fortune cookies is that they make you think… and often, you can apply them to your life or they fit into your life almost by the power of suggestion.

    ps. thanks for making me want chinese food! ๐Ÿ™‚

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