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What’s in Elle’s shorts?

A lot of readers have emailed to share their excitement over NEARLY FOUND (coming June 2, 2015) and HOLDING SMOKE (coming in 2016). I know, I know… June is a long time to wait, and a lot of you have asked if I’ve written anything else? The short (very short) answer is yes! I have a few short stories and essays floating out in the world and I am happy to share them with you.


The Good, The Bad, and The Uncertain in The Huffington Post: in which I talk about the lessons I learned as a prison warden’s daughter, and how my childhood shaped my thoughts on character development.

What’s In A Name? on The Big Idea with John Scalzi: how I named my character, Nearly Boswell, and the Big Idea behind Nearly Gone.

Short Stories:

*UPDATE (Nov. 19, 2015):  It has come to my attention that the staff at Goodreads classifies short stories as follows: “any short stories made available online do actually count as books”. For this reason, I’ve withdrawn the short story material from the Tumblr site where these fun little serial story experiments were originally posted, to avoid confusing readers and diluting my bibliography with serial projects that were never intended to be distributed or marketed as ebooks. These shorts were originally posted in the spirit of sharing raw and unedited test material with fans and readers for fun. They were never intended to be promoted or marketed as ebooks. I apologize to anyone who would otherwise have enjoyed them, that I can no longer make them “available online”.

The Thaw (Urban Fantasy): Winter and Spring are ill-fated assassins, in love but unable to share their seasons on earth.

The Oath (Horror): a group of teenage girls try to shirk a pledge that binds them to a possessive and deadly poltergeist.

When The Angel Comes (Magical Realism): the angel of death replays a man’s life choices through an old silent film.

Three Little Words (Dark Contemporary): the birth of a pyromaniac.

The No-Tell Motel (Psychological Thriller): a twist on the old urban legend of The Vanishing Hotel Room.

The Hand That Feeds (Thriller): metamorphosis of a sociopath.





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A New Book Deal

Really exciting things are happening!

“Emily Meehan (Editorial Director) at Disney Hyperion has acquired a YA novel called Holding Smoke by Elle Cosimano, author of Nearly Gone. Pitched as The Shawshank Redemption meets If I Stay, the story tells of a boy serving time for a murder he didn’t commit and who, after a near-death experience, finds himself able to separate his soul from his body and travel in a quest to find the real killer and clear his name. Publication is scheduled for spring 2016; Sarah Davies at Greenhouse Literary Agency did the two-book deal for world English rights.” — Publishers Weekly, Rights Report: Week of June 30, 2014

And for fans of NEARLY GONE, the sequel, NEARLY FOUND is tentatively scheduled for release in June 2015! If you liked the science and riddles in book 1, then fasten your seat belts. Book 2 will take readers on a forensic science ride you won’t want to miss. Stay tuned for a summary and cover reveal, coming soon from Kathy Dawson Books/Penguin Books for Young Readers.


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Feeding & Care of an Author

NEARLY GONE has been out in the world for a month, and I couldn’t be happier! I adore the photos many of you have shared of my book on shelves in brick and mortar shops, airports, Costcos, and in your homes! Many of you have asked, “how are sales?” or “how can I support your book?”, so I thought I would offer some suggestions here on the blog.

How To Feed & Care For Your Favorite Authors

  1. Buy the book. Many people don’t realize that downloading a “free” book online is book piracy. Sites that offer my book “free” are offering it illegally. Please consider the content creators/authors/artists/musicians who devote years of their lives to their crafts, and purchase their work through an authorized online retailer instead.
  2. Donate a copy. If YA lit isn’t your thing, consider buying a copy of the book as a gift or donating copies to your local public library, high school, children’s hospital, or youth center.  Charitable donations are a great tax deduction, and it’s a great way to put books in the hands of teens, librarians, and teachers who might not otherwise have the resources to purchase them.
  3. If you loved the book, tell your friends. The power of grass roots/word of mouth/hand-selling is one of the best ways you can support your favorite authors. Consider recommending your favorite books in a Facebook status update or a tweet. Online sharing can go viral in the best possible way, and it’s a quick, easy way to get the word out and support your favorite authors.
  4. Ask your local public and high school librarians to carry the book. Libraries have limited resources, and not every book will be carried in your local libraries or schools. The more interest there is in a particular book, the more likely a librarian is to purchase it. And if they can’t due to lack of resources, consider buying a copy to donate to their collection. Your local librarian will thank you for it.
  5. If you read the book, write a review. Reader reviews are a great way to support an author. Consider writing a brief review of the book to post on sites like Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or Goodreads. Even a sentence or two can help build urgency and generate interest in the book.

Since I’m currently living abroad, I especially love receiving pictures of my book in the wild. A photo speaks a thousand words, and sheds light on where my book is being shelved and carried. If you are able to snap a photo of my book (not just the cover, but the entire shelf) I can see what store is carrying it, how the book is displayed, and how many copies are in stock. All of this information helps me better understand how my book is faring in the world.

So there you have it! A simple five-step guide to caring for your favorite authors. Thanks to everyone who has supported NEARLY GONE, and those who continue to support me through my debut year!



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Launch Tour Re-Cap

Welcome to my photographic tour of my trip to Washington, DC in celebration of the release of NEARLY GONE, which hits shelves tomorrow!

Tweet of the Week:

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 3.56.56 PM

First stop, an author visit at George Mason High School in Fairfax, VA with author Claudia Gray as part of the NoVA Teen Book Festival weekend. We met some fantastic student writers!


The very first time I held my own book was at the NoVA Teen Book Festival in Arlington, VA.


The highlight of my participation in the festival was the “YA Bad Boys” panel discussion, in which we discuss our favorite literary bad boys and the people who love them. (photo source: NoVA Teen Book Festival)


Here are all the authors who participated in the 2014 NoVA Teen Festival. It was both thrilling and an honor to be included in such esteemed company. (Photo source: NoVA Teen Book Festival)

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 2.55.51 PM

While I was home, my dear friend (and old college roommate) and I were interviewed by our local paper. Our story is pretty incredible. You can click the photo above to read it — sometimes truth is stranger (and so much cooler) than fiction. And we were honored to be welcomed back to St. Mary’s College of Maryland to speak with aspiring writers about our journeys to publication.


I was honored and grateful to see some supportive friends and familiar faces at my signing in Fredericksburg, VA. Jabberwocky Books hosted a fantastic after-hours evening!


And then THIS happened!!! Click the photo to watch the live WUSA9 News at Noon interview.

Screen Shot 2014-03-23 at 4.43.17 PM

Next up, Frederick, MD, welcomed me in style with an interview in the Frederick Post. Click the link to read the article.

And I was thrilled to find out that Nearly Gone was listed as a Hot New Release on Amazon, and a YA Mover & Shaker on Goodreads!

Screen Shot 2014-03-13 at 10.09.05 PM

Next stop, a memorable author visit to West Potomac High School in Alexandria, VA. I can’t put into words how special this particular school is to my heart. But if you’ve read NEARLY GONE, and you know anything about Northern VA and the Rt 1/Mt. Vernon area of Alexandria, then you probably already figured out that this school is right in Nearly Boswell’s backyard. Librarian Carolyn Hilyard championed my book since she first recognized the setting so closely matched WPHS’s, and she organized an incredible event, with presentations, Q&A, and a book raffle and signing. I came away with a huge smile and a lot of great WPHS swag. Thank you, WPHS, for an author visit I’ll always remember. (Photo source: WPHS)


In addition to interviews, newscasts and school visits, I also had the pleasure of signing at some of DC’s most well-known independent booksellers. My very first reading took place at Politics & Prose in Washington, DC.


Then I headed to The Curious Iguana in Frederick, MD. If you are in or anywhere around DC and you have not visited this bookstore, you MUST go! Marlene’s store calendar is afire with amazing presentations, author visits, and bookish events. She invited me to teach a writers’ workshop prior to the signing, and the launch event packed the house!









I met bloggers and readers. And Lucky 13s Alex Lidell, Justina Ireland, and Kelly Fiore came out to show their support.


Perhaps the best surprise of the night was the arrival of my SECOND GRADE TEACHER! Mrs. Lennon, you are the coolest, and your support and encouragement mean the world to me!


And of course, no book launch journey would be complete without my Lucky Chicken. My 11 yr old son knitted this chicken in school. He gave it to me the night before I left on my tour. He knew I was anxious, and maybe a little bit scared. And he trusted me with his chicken, saying it would bring me luck. Lucky Chicken came with me to every signing, every lonely hotel room, the TV studio, and all my interviews. He was with me during my school visits, and while I was struggling not to get lost in a rental car in the city. This little chicken is lucky indeed, but I promise you he isn’t as lucky as I am. I couldn’t have done this without the support of my family, my agent, my publicist, and the booksellers and librarians who made this trip possible.

Thanks to all my readers. What a fantastic trip it has been!


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Final Launch Tour Schedule – DC/MD/NOVA

Here it is! The final tour schedule for the DC Metro area launch week extravaganza! Please spread the word. Events not denoted otherwise are open to the public.

*Note, book quantities will be limited and it’s a good idea to let me know ahead (or contact the bookseller to pre-order) if you plan to attend. This will ensure we have enough books on hand.

Friday, March 7  – (private event) George Mason High School  8 – 11am

Saturday, March 8 – NoVA Teen Book Festival 9am to 5pm @ Washington Lee High School (pre-registration recommended, or contact One More Page books in Arlington for details).

Tuesday, March 11 – After-hours signing at Jabberwocky Books in Fredericksburg, VA  7 – 8pm

Wednesday, March 12  –  Author Meet-n-Greet at St. Mary’s College of Maryland Career Center  10am – noon

Thursday, March 13 – Signing Event at Politics & Prose bookstore in Washington, DC  7 – 9pm

Friday, March 14  –  (private event) West Potomac High School  8am – 11am

Friday, March 14 – Writer’s Workshop at Curious Iguana in Frederick, MD 4pm – 5:30pm (space limited, pre-registration required)

Friday, March 14  –  Signing Event at Curious Iguana bookstore in Frederick, MD  7pm – 9pm

Saturday, March 15  –  Panel Chat & Signing at Hooray For Books! in Alexandria, VA  3:30pm – 5pm

For additional information, see the EVENTS page at the top of the screen. Hope to see you in March!


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News & Launch Updates

WOW! Lots of news to share!

Danke, Germany! German rights to NEARLY GONE have sold to Literarische Agentur Silke Weniger for publication in Spring 2015!

Trade reviews have been coming in and I couldn’t be happier to share this one from School Library Journal:

“A tour de force that is unputdownable. Eloquently written and packed full of suspense, debut author Cosimano strikes gold with this page-turning thriller.” – School Library Journal, starred review

Or this one from VOYA:

“NEARLY GONE, the author’s debut novel, is a suspenseful page-turner that will leave teens on the edge of their seats. Cosimano’s character development makes almost everyone a suspect, and action and mystery readers will enjoy this whodunit until the very end.”  –  VOYA, Voice of Youth Advocates 

Publisher’s Weekly had this to say:

“In an impressive debut… a good choice for fans of “savant” procedurals and dramas like Bones, Elementary, or Numbers.”  – Publisher’s Weekly, featured review 

And Kirkus calls NEARLY GONE:

“Tense and engaging… well worth the effort of suspending one’s disbelief.”  –  Kirkus Reviews


Meanwhile, I’ve been gearing up for the release of NEARLY GONE, and we’ve got some amazing indie booksellers lined up to help us launch the book in style!

I’ll be signing pre-release copies of NEARLY GONE at the NoVA Teen Book Festival (sponsored by One More Page Books) in Arlington, VA on March 8th, and speaking on a panel chat about bad boys and why we love them. Come check out the panel discussions, break-away sessions, and an impressive list of YA authors who will be speaking on a range of topics.

The following week, I’ll be touring the DC/NoVA area and visiting some of your favorite indie bookstores!

I’ll be at Politics & Prose (DC) at 7pm on March 13th.

You can find me at Curious Iguana (Frederick, MD) at 7pm on March 14th.

And I’ll be wrapping up my launch week at the extraordinary Hooray For Books (Alexandria, VA) on the afternoon of March 15th.

Please spread the word! And do let me know if you plan to attend any of the week’s events so we have enough books and cupcakes for everyone. I hope to see all of you there!

Check out the events page for details.

Buzz from ALA 2014 Teen Session #bfya #alamw14



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WINNERS ANNOUNCED: Word On The Street Giveaway!

CONGRATULATIONS to the following winners of the Word On The Street Giveaway!

#1 Kim Derting Prize Pack:  Stacie M.

#2 Megan Miranda Prize Pack:  Lindsey R.

#3 Kim Harrington Prize Pack:  Lena M.

#4 Megan Shepherd Prize Pack:  Robin B.

#5 Jill Hathaway Prize Pack:  Larissa M. H.

If your name appears on this list, be on the lookout for an email from me today, and be ready to select your book!

If you didn’t win this time, stay tuned! I’ll be hosting another contest this winter, to celebrate the roll-out of the new NEARLY GONE website. And remember, even if you didn’t win, you can request a signed bookplate and swag here.



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Word On The Street Giveaway!

Advance Reader Copies are in, which means people (other than my editors and my mother) are reading NEARLY GONE!

And some of them are saying really amazing things!

“A thrilling debut! Clever and captivating, Elle Cosimano’s NEARLY GONE is a sinister game of cat-and-mouse. Nearly Boswell is definitely the girl you want on your side if you’re ever framed for murder!”  —  Kimberly Derting, author of THE BODY FINDER and THE PLEDGE

“Smart, scary, and beautifully written. With a heart-pounding romance and a heart-stopping plot, NEARLY GONE is a thrill-ride of a book. An amazing debut that kept me on the edge of my seat to the very last page!”  — Megan Miranda, author of FRACTURE and HYSTERIA

“NEARLY GONE is fast-paced, smart, and keeps you guessing till the end. Start this book with a clear schedule because you won’t be able to put it down!” — Kim Harrington, author of THE DEAD AND BURIED and FORGET ME

“NEARLY GONE is a smart, gripping thriller about a clever girl from the trailer park, a boy from the wrong side of the law, and a killer who kept me guessing. This chilling murder mystery left me racing to the finish and biting my nails every step of the way.” –Megan Shepherd, author of THE MADMAN’S DAUGHTER

“NEARLY GONE is a hell of a ride. Her twisted characters and breakneck pacing had me tearing through the pages to discover the killer. Just be prepared to stay up past your bedtime!” –Jill Hathaway, author of SLIDE and IMPOSTOR

To celebrate, I’m giving away five of your favorite books from these thrilling YA authors, plus a few NEARLY GONE swag bags!

WINNER #1: The Kimberly Derting Prize Package: Your choice of one of Kimberly Derting’s books plus a NEARLY GONE swag bag!

WINNER #2: The Megan Miranda Prize Package: Your choice of one of Megan Miranda’s books plus a NEARLY GONE swag bag!

WINNER #3: The Kim Harrington Prize Package: Your choice of one of Kim Harrington’s books plus a NEARLY GONE swag bag!

WINNER #4: The Megan Shepherd Prize Package: Your choice of one of Megan Shepherd’s books plus a NEARLY GONE swag bag!

WINNER #5: The Jill Hathaway Prize Package: Your choice of one of Jill Hathaway’s books plus a NEARLY GONE swag bag!

Feeling lucky? Enter the drawing between September 25th and October 16th! Then follow me on Twitter, like me on Facebook, add NEARLY GONE to your Goodreads shelf, and subscribe to my blog for more information. I’ll be announcing the winners here on October 18th!  GOOD LUCK!!!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Big Reveal

Have you seen it? Less than 24 hours after YA Books Central revealed the cover of NEARLY GONE, we had almost 1,000 unique hits, and approximately 1,450 entries into the giveaway for a signed Advance Reader Copy (ARC). We registered almost 70 tweets, and over 100 likes from the giveaway. And this doesn’t count all the RTs and shouts that came as a result of the reveal announcement!

What was all the fuss about?

Here’s the official summary of the book:

Bones meets Fringe in a big, dark, scary, brilliantly-plotted urban thriller that will leave you guessing until the very end.

Nearly Boswell knows how to keep secrets. Living in a DC trailer park, she knows better than to share anything that would make her a target with her classmates. Like her mother’s job as an exotic dancer, her obsession with the personal ads, and especially the emotions she can taste when she brushes against someone’s skin. But when a serial killer goes on a killing spree and starts attacking students, leaving cryptic ads in the newspaper that only Nearly can decipher, she confides in the one person she shouldn’t trust: the new guy at school—a reformed bad boy working undercover for the police, doing surveillance. . . on her.

Nearly might be the one person who can put all the clues together, and if she doesn’t figure it all out soon—she’ll be next.

And here’s what people are saying about NEARLY GONE:

“Smart, scary, and beautifully written. With a heart-pounding romance and a heart-stopping plot, NEARLY GONE is a thrill-ride of a book. An amazing debut that kept me on the edge of my seat to the very last page!”  — Megan Miranda, author of FRACTURE and HYSTERIA.

“NEARLY GONE is fast-paced, smart, and keeps you guessing till the end. Start this book with a clear schedule because you won’t be able to put it down!” — Kim Harrington, author of THE DEAD AND BURIED and FORGET ME.

“NEARLY GONE is a smart, gripping thriller about a clever girl from the trailer park, a boy from the wrong side of the law, and a killer who kept me guessing. This chilling murder mystery left me racing to the finish and biting my nails every step of the way.” –Megan Shepherd, author of THE MADMAN’S DAUGHTER


And here is the chilling and perfect cover, designed by Greg Stadnyk and the team at Kathy Dawson Books (an imprint of Penguin):



What can you do to help us promote NEARLY GONE? Easy!

Step 1: Pre-order the book at Amazon or Barnes & Noble, or inquire about it at your favorite independent bookseller. A healthy number of early pre-orders will encourage retailers to stock more of the book, libraries and schools to order it for their shelves, and the publisher to enthusiastically promote it at book fairs and industry events.

Step 2: Add NEARLY GONE to your Goodreads shelf. Goodreads is a social networking site for readers, and a great way for people to discover new books. While you’re there, we’ve been nominated to some debut lists, so please take a moment to vote for NEARLY GONE. A small handful of votes will increase exposure and help new readers find us!

Step 3: Share the link to the cover reveal, and encourage your reader-friends to enter the prize giveaway for a signed Advance Reader Copy (ARC) of NEARLY GONE.

Step 4: Tell any high school teachers, librarians, or independent book sellers you know about NEARLY GONE. I’ll be offering school and library visits (both in person and via Skype), book signings, book club discussions, and Common Core Standards-compliant discussion materials for teachers. I look forward to getting out into the community and meeting with readers!

My thanks to everyone who shared, tweeted, and pre-ordered yesterday! You made it a special and memorable milestone, and I’m thrilled for what’s ahead.