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It’s official! The cover reveal for my upcoming YA thriller, THE SUFFERING TREE (coming June 13, 2017 from Disney*Hyperion), is now live at YA Books Central! Stop by and enter for a chance to win a pre-order PLUS a signed copy of HOLDING SMOKE! And check out a little love note from me, my inspiration for the story, and my thoughts on this exquisite illustrated cover! Do you love it? Want to read it? Don’t forget to add it to your GR shelf today!


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  1. Tanvi says:

    Wow!! I can’t wait!!! :))

  2. Racquel says:

    Hey Elle, will there be a sequel to Holding Smoke? I absolutely loved the book and reading it in a guy’s point of view. In a way, John reminded me of Reese and I liked that. Speaking of Reese, I’m dying for a trilogy to Nearly Gone!! More Reese and Nearly please! Much love!

    • elle says:

      Thanks, Racquel! I’m so glad you loved the books. For now, as much as I would love to write one more Nearly book, there are no plans for any additional books in the series. You can read more about why here: . As for HOLDING SMOKE, this book is, and always has been, a standalone story, so I don’t foresee myself writing any more. John’s story is complete, as far as I ever imagined it, and I’m happy where we left him and Pink.

      All this said, I do hope you’ll stay tuned for my next YA thriller, THE SUFFERING TREE, coming out June 13, 2017. If you loved Reece and Nearly and John and Pink, I think you’ll fall head over heels for Nathaniel Bishop and Tori Burns. And while I try never to pick favorites, I will say Nat is completely swoon-worthy. I know it’s a long time to wait, but if you drop by YA Books Central blog and enter the drawing in the cover reveal post, you might win a pre-ordered copy. Just sayin’… .

      Thanks for reading, Racquel!

  3. Molly says:

    I absolutely loved your book holding smoke and I definitely think this book should be turned into a movie because as I was reading this book all I could do was imagine a movie. I did feel a little empty inside when I read that you weren’t making a sequel. I was upset because it left me waiting for something else to happen at the end.

    • elle says:

      Thanks, Molly. I love Smoke, too. HOLDING SMOKE and THE SUFFERING TREE have always been standalone novels. I’ve never imagined a sequel to either of them. In my mind, they’re complete as they are, but I’m glad to know you connected with Smoke and that he’s lingered in your mind. I hope you’ll consider reading some of my other books, too. Thanks for reaching out. All best, Elle.

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