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Elle Cosimano

Some Kind of Wonderful

“I think Carson might like me,” my son says. “I paid Blake fifty cents to ask her. She said she needs some time to think about it.”

“Do you like Carson?” I ask.

“Yeah, I think I want her to be my girlfriend. Everyone tells me I should. She has blue eyes, just like me.”

Thoughtful pause.

“Mom, if someone has eyes that are brown and green and gray, all mixed up, what’s that color called?”

“Hazel,” I reply.

Another pause.

“Grace’s eyes are hazel. I think they’re really pretty. And her hair kind of shines in the sun. Yeah,” he smiles, “hazel is my favorite color.”

I scratch my head, trying to keep up.

“Are we talking about Grace or Carson? Which one is your girlfriend?”

“Carson might be my girlfriend. Grace is just my best friend.”

“Grace sounds pretty special,” I say.

“Yeah, she always likes me and she’s always my friend, no matter what. She makes me laugh. I have a lot of fun with Grace.”

“What about Carson?” I wonder, fighting back a smile.

“I’m not really sure. She’s not sure if she likes me or not. Sometimes she’s nice… sort of.” He shakes his head. “I don’t really understand girls.”

“Yeah,” I say, “I guess we can be tough to figure out.”

I consider pointing out the obvious truth.

But I don’t.

He’s only nine. He’s got plenty of time to fall in love with girls who won’t love him back… and to finally understand what it is about those hazel eyes that makes them so beautiful.

He’ll figure girls out on his own.

It’s my anniversary. We’ve been married for thirteen years, though we’ve been together for nearly twenty.

My son asks, “Why did it take so long for Dad to marry you?”

I shrug and say, “I don’t know. I guess boys can be tough to figure out.”

He laughs and surprises me when he says, “I bet Dad’s favorite color is brown.”

Yeah, he’s only nine. But he just might have this all figured out.


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5 Responses to “Some Kind of Wonderful”

  1. CarlaM says:

    If only we could continue to see the world through our childhood eyes once we are grown; I wonder how things would be for us? We would almost certainly make different choices in many areas…would anything be the same?
    LOVE this post, thank you!!

  2. Um, I love this. So, so much.
    Happy anniversary to you and your husband!

  3. Carol Plaut says:

    Happy Anniversary to a very special brown eyed girl whose blue eyed son is so special and sweet as he learns about life and love.

  4. Tamara says:

    I’m still rooting for Grace… Best-friend-turned-love is my favorite story. Happy anniversary! 😀

  5. Kari says:

    I love this! Thanks for sharing and HAPPY Anniversary to you and your hubby!

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