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What's a Book Soundtrack?

The chapters of my books roll through my mind like scenes of a movie. I can see them as clearly, and hear the dialogue in my mind. They have moods and texture. When these mini-movies play in my head, they are accompanied by background music that sets the tone. The music puts me in the right frame of mind to translate what I am seeing and feeling into written words. What I am left with is a collection of songs that reflect not only my moods while creating the story, but a soundtrack that correlates to various scenes in my book. Essentially, a book soundtrack is the author’s playlist.

I’ve shared my playlists for each of my stories under the Extras section of my website.

There is one particular band that appears several times on my playlists. The recent success of drumfish inspired me to complete my first manuscript, Nearly Missed. I hope you will join me at their concert in Baltimore at the 8×10 on February 5th.


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