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What’s in Elle’s shorts?

A lot of readers have emailed to share their excitement over NEARLY FOUND (coming June 2, 2015) and HOLDING SMOKE (coming in 2016). I know, I know… June is a long time to wait, and a lot of you have asked if I’ve written anything else? The short (very short) answer is yes! I have a few short stories and essays floating out in the world and I am happy to share them with you.


The Good, The Bad, and The Uncertain in The Huffington Post: in which I talk about the lessons I learned as a prison warden’s daughter, and how my childhood shaped my thoughts on character development.

What’s In A Name? on The Big Idea with John Scalzi: how I named my character, Nearly Boswell, and the Big Idea behind Nearly Gone.

Short Stories:

*UPDATE (Nov. 19, 2015):  It has come to my attention that the staff at Goodreads classifies short stories as follows: “any short stories made available online do actually count as books”. For this reason, I’ve withdrawn the short story material from the Tumblr site where these fun little serial story experiments were originally posted, to avoid confusing readers and diluting my bibliography with serial projects that were never intended to be distributed or marketed as ebooks. These shorts were originally posted in the spirit of sharing raw and unedited test material with fans and readers for fun. They were never intended to be promoted or marketed as ebooks. I apologize to anyone who would otherwise have enjoyed them, that I can no longer make them “available online”.

The Thaw (Urban Fantasy): Winter and Spring are ill-fated assassins, in love but unable to share their seasons on earth.

The Oath (Horror): a group of teenage girls try to shirk a pledge that binds them to a possessive and deadly poltergeist.

When The Angel Comes (Magical Realism): the angel of death replays a man’s life choices through an old silent film.

Three Little Words (Dark Contemporary): the birth of a pyromaniac.

The No-Tell Motel (Psychological Thriller): a twist on the old urban legend of The Vanishing Hotel Room.

The Hand That Feeds (Thriller): metamorphosis of a sociopath.





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