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I get a lot of email from readers. I love hearing from fans of Nearly and Reece (and now Smoke too!). And I do my best to reply to every inquiry. But lately, most of you are asking the same question, and so I thought it would be a good idea to answer it here on the blog.

Question: When will you write another Nearly book?

Sadly, the answer is not up to me.

Actually, it’s up to you.

I’ll explain why.

I would love to write another Nearly book! When I sold Nearly Gone to Penguin, we sold it as a two-book deal with the hopes that we could publish more books in the series,  *if* it was popular and successful, and *if* we had enough sales to make the investment of a third book worthwhile to the publisher. It costs the publisher a lot of money to produce, market, and distribute a book, and they carefully evaluate the financial success of a book when deciding whether or not to invest in that series again.

By most measures, the Nearly books have been incredibly successful! Nearly Gone has won awards and recognition and both books have received critical acclaim. Nearly has a lot of fans and readers out there. But we haven’t seen enough sales of the books to make a third installment possible. And by sales, I mean actual sales. Not downloads. Not free ebooks. Not pirated copies. I mean legit sales. That’s what counts when the publisher factors in the actual, measurable financial success of the book.

So… back to the question.

Yes! I would LOVE to write another Nearly book. Yes, I do want to share answers to all your burning questions about Nearly and Reece and her father. But in order to do this, we need to sell a LOT of books. This is true for all beloved series books. But the good news is, there are ways YOU can help.


Ways to help your favorite series live a longer life:

  1. Buy the books… Free downloads and illegal copies do not count toward the sales figures publishers use when determining the success of a book. If you want your favorite authors to be able to keep writing about your favorite characters, the best thing you can do for them is to purchase a copy of the book from an authorized seller.
  2. Pre-Order the next book in the series as soon as it becomes available. Don’t wait until the release date to show your support for the series. Decisions about future books are made very early on. The stronger the pre-order sales, the higher the likelihood the publisher will consider renewing the series beyond that next book.
  3. Can’t afford to buy it? Check it out from your local library. If they don’t have it, request it! Libraries buy LOTS of books, and the higher the demand for a book, the more copies they try to keep on their shelves.
  4. Write a review! Did you know that when you write a review on Amazon, it helps the author? More reviews mean more promotional opportunities for that book. Amazon gives better visibility to books with more reviews. You can also share your reviews on Goodreads, B&N, and your local library’s website. Every review helps build exposure and buzz for your favorite books.
  5. Tell your librarians, teachers, and friends about your favorite books. Referrals are a great way to build buzz for a book.
  6. Ask your school or local library to host an author event. Inviting the author to your community is a great way to support the authors, by encouraging more people to discover them.
  7. Donate a copy. Already bought one? Have some cash to spare? Consider buying a copy for a local hospital, homeless shelter, prison reading program, or a school with limited library resources.

So the next time someone asks, “Elle, when will you write another Nearly book?”, my answer will be, “That’s entirely up to you.”

Crossing fingers we can make it happen someday.

Thanks for reading!




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  1. Iman says:

    I hope for a third novel as well, but totally understand that sales is a huge factor! I own both of the books, and will absolutely pre-order the third when and if it comes!

  2. katie says:

    I too have purchased both the Nearly books. Lets hope the publishers get behind a third novel.

  3. Janiene says:

    I hope enough sell for a third Nearly book. I hadn’t heard if them until I opened my own bookstore and got them from Penguin on a whim. And, I love them. They are great books not just for young adults but for adults. I’m 25 and have gotten a few of my friends to buy them and they loved them as well!

    • elle says:

      Thank you, Janiene! That means a lot to me. I really appreciate the support from booksellers and librarians! Such a fantastic community of people. If you loved the Nearly books, I hope you’ll try HOLDING SMOKE as well. Thanks for reading and referring my books to others!

  4. Katie says:

    I really hope for a third book! These books have changed my life and I would be the happiest person ever if the third one came out! But I understand that the sales will effect this a lot. I have told all my friends about it and I hope they get it too.

  5. Sydney says:

    I just started working at my local library a couple of months ago, Nearly Gone was one of the first few books that got me back into my love of reading! I searched the catalog to see if there were anymore books by you and saw there was a “Nearly” SEQUAL, I was so excited!! But now that I’ve seen there isn’t a third book (yet??!!!), I don’t want to finish “Nearly Found”! I love these characters, the style of writing, and the suspense, I’m 23 and am absolutely obsessed. Sadly I don’t make a habit of reading many books more than once, so I usually don’t buy them, but if you announce a third book I will absolutely request my library order it. Fingers tightly crossed and hoping there is another “Nearly” book in our NEAR future!

    • elle says:

      Thanks, Sydney. This email means a lot to me, and I relate to it personally as well. I had stopped reading for many years, and only rediscovered my love for it through some excellent YA lit, which is what motivated me to start writing again as well! There are no plans right now for a third Nearly book (I wish there were), however I recommend you give HOLDING SMOKE a try. If your library doesn’t have it, maybe you could inquire about adding it to the collection. It’s a standalone, but definitely appeals to fans of the Nearly books (murder mystery wrapped up in a contemp setting with a pinch of paranormal and a very poignant romance). My 4th book, THE SUFFERING TREE, comes out in June but will probably be available on Edelweiss and NetGalley very soon for preview by librarians and reviewers, so keep your eyes peeled for this one too.

      Thanks for your note. It means a lot to me. I’m so glad you fell in love with Nearly and she helped you find your love of reading again.
      All my best,

  6. Jennifer says:

    I have bought both the Nearly books and fell in love. I NEED more of this series!

    I also purchased Holding Smoke, but haven’t read it yet. I’m sure it will be just as great.

    I’ll definitely be sure to write a great review in hopes to encourage others to buy so that we can get another Nearly book! 😉

    Thank you for your awesome work!

  7. Maria says:

    I honestly want a third book my friends and I (Samiyah, Brooke, Natasha, and Olivia) bought the book both out of all of us I was the one that wanted a third book for the Nearly Gone series even farther I want more than three book and I loved it so much that I read both books in 3 days and 20 minutes. I didn’t put the book down and I am just re-reading the books until a third book comes out even my dad has been asking if there is a third book out so he can get it for me since I haven’t been able to put the down so I will be waiting for a third book. I love the series so much you have no idea.

    • elle says:

      Thank you, Maria! I’m so glad you love the books. At this time, there are no plans for a third Nearly book. As far as I know, the publisher has only planned for 2 books, so I’m sad to say that there probably will not be any more books in this series. However, if you loved the Nearly books, you should definitely read Holding Smoke. Also, The Suffering Tree comes out in 2 weeks. Both of these are mystery/thrillers with paranormal elements and great romances. If you loved the Nearly books, these should appeal to you! Thanks for reading, Maria.

      • Maria says:

        I will I cant believe I am just seeing this I guess I must have been so busy but this is great other books by you which I am hoping more book like Nearly Gone and Holding Smoke are coming out. Thank You Elle for being such a good writer.

  8. Cat says:

    I just finished reading Nearly Found and immediately looked up if there was a third book. I figured as much that there wasn’t but I was really crossing my fingers. I started reading Nearly Gone and completely fell in love. With the characters, the suspense, the intensity and just the cleverness of it all. it was impossible to put down! I finished both books in a week.
    I’ve recommend both to a few of my friends and those that read them shared my love for them. Ill be sure to read your other book! You truly are an amzing author. Thank you for writing these 2 amazing books (….and maybe one more?)

    • elle says:

      Aw! Thanks so much, Cat! I’m so glad you loved the Nearly books, and I hope you’ll love Holding Smoke and The Suffering Tree just as much. I’ll have news of new exciting books coming soon, but the Nearly stories are all wrapped up for now. Meanwhile, thanks for reading them!

  9. Alexa says:

    Has there been any updates on the third book or will we never be seeing it? I’ve been a fan since the series came out, I ordered Nearly, Gone and couldn’t stop reading it from the library so I ended up buying it myself. Then I preordered the second one and couldn’t stop reading that one either. Nearly means a lot to me, I hope that there is still hope for her series to continue. I would like to know how she & Reece end up and know more about the whereabouts of her father. I’ve tried reading your other books as well and I like them too, but the Nearly series is my most favorite.

    • elle says:

      Thanks so much, Alexa. I’m glad you love the Nearly stories. As I mentioned in the post, the original contract was only for two books. Beyond those, it’s up to the publisher to decide whether they want to invest in any more. At this time, they do not. At this point, I think it’s probably safe to assume there will not be any more Nearly books on the horizon. Believe me when I say this makes me very sad, too. But onward and upward, there will be more of my books coming in 2019, with a brand new fantasy series coming from HarperTeen. If you liked Nearly and Reece, you’ll adore Jack and Fleur, too! Stay tuned…

  10. Assyla says:

    I really for a third book! I have purchased both books, and I love them and keep coming back to them, they are great!
    When I first read Nearly Gone I stayed til 6:00 A.M. just to finish it, and it only took me a day and a half to finish the second one, I seriously love these books.
    And to top it all, I hate Science, but love psychology, Mystery, and murder. This book made me understand and actually like and want to learn science!
    And I love the scientifically supernatural flair with what Nearly can feel by touching someone.

    • elle says:

      Thanks so much, Assyla. I’m glad you loved the Nearly books, and if they engaged your curiosity about science, then that’s a huge compliment, so thank you! At this point, I think it’s safe to say the Nearly series is a wrap. I don’t foresee any new Nearly books on the horizon, but I’m really excited about my upcoming YA fantasy, and if you haven’t had a chance to reading Holding Smoke or The Suffering Tree, I hope you’ll give them a try, too. Thanks for your note!

  11. Assyla says:

    Hope! I really Hope for a third book! Whoops.

  12. Paula says:

    I am a high school librarian who also teaches Chemistry. I recently purchased both books(Nearly Gone and Nearly Found) for the library and am looking to get a 2nd copy of each as they do not stay in the library. I recommend your books to all of my suspense and romance readers. They love them and I love them!!! I do hope you can continue to take us on Nearly’s journey!

    • elle says:

      WOW! Thank you so much for letting me know! These kinds of messages mean the world to me. I also wish I could continue telling more of Nearly’s stories. Nearly is dear to my heart, and so are her fans. I’m so grateful for librarians and educators who’ve helped put my books in students’ hands. I hope your readers will find my other books engaging, too. Thank you for all you do!

  13. Lina says:

    I love the Nearly-books! I fell in love with the characters from the beginning. I am from germany and so I read “Nearly Gone” in german. When I found out, that there was a second part to it I had to read it. Though there was no translated version of it yet, so I just bought it in english. I enjoyed the english version more than the german one… Anyway, I love your books and really hope there will be another “Nearly” book soon, I’ll read it in any language ;). It’s just impossible not to read it. Thank you so much for writing these books! Thank you.

    • elle says:

      Wow, Lina! This is such a wonderful compliment. I am honored and delighted to know how much you love these books. Thank you for being such a devoted Nearly fan. This means so much to me. 🙂

  14. Alena says:

    My teacher recommended me the Nearly Gone book and I loved it. I immediately looked for the second book. My teacher ordered it for me and I started reading it as soon as possible. I read it in two days. If it wasn’t for homework I would’ve read it in one! I am so in love with these books. The books I borrowed are my teachers but I plan on buying my own copies. I was hoping for a third and this post gave me hope. After looking at the date my heart dropping and seeing the comments saying there will most likely be no third book, I am not gonna lie I kinda wanna cry. Is there any way we can still make the third book happen? I would love to help!

    • elle says:

      Wow, Alena! Thank you so much for your note. It makes me happy to know how much you loved the Nearly books. At this point, I don’t think it’s possible to make a third book happen. Too much time has passed since the original books came out, and I don’t foresee the publisher wanting to purchase any additional books for the series. Maybe one day I will write and publish one on my own, but for now I would encourage you to try my other books. Holding Smoke and The Suffering Tree are both available for purchase or may be found in your local library. I also have a new series coming out next year which I am very excited about called Seasons of the Storm. I hope you love them. Thanks again for your note, and happy reading!

  15. Angelia Bailey says:

    I picked up Nearly Gone from a book sale my library was having. The story stuck with me and I haven’t forgotten it for a second. I absolutely LOVED this series! I had a Reese once… I just wished he’d chose to turn his life around too. Instead, I lived vicariously through Nearly as I read the books. It hit so close to my heart and you had me hanging onto every page for dear life.

    You’re an inspiration for me as a writer. I’m working on my Debut as we speak and Nearly Boswell’s story completely motivates me. I loved it so much. If you’ve ever had a book or story that pushed you to finish your own, you know what I mean. I hope one day we cross paths in the writing world. 🙂

    – Angie

    • elle says:

      Wow! Thanks, Angelia! Your post means a lot to me. I’m so glad Nearly and Reece’s story spoke to you. And best of luck with your debut! If I’ve inspired you to finish your own story, then that’s the greatest compliment I could ever receive. All best, Elle.

  16. Vicky says:

    I really hope a third book will come out for this series. The Nearly series is what drew me to forensic science which is what i now plan to major in at college. As an avid reader as well, these books were amazing, and i’ve read them both about 6 times over.

    • elle says:

      WOW, Vicky! I don’t think I have the words to properly express how this messaged touched me. It’s one thing to know people enjoy your stories. It’s another thing entirely to know your stories have inspired someone. Forensic science has always fascinated me, and it’s exciting to see so many high schools and universities offering courses and concentrations in it. It’s especially exciting to see so many women entering the field! I’m deeply moved by your message, and I wish you all the best in pursuit of your degree! Kick ass, solve crimes, and spray a little luminol for me!

  17. McKenna Matheny says:

    I just finished the Nearly series and I absolutely loved it! I didn’t want to put it down, I was really hoping for another book to be written because I’m dying to know if she ever finds her father, and how her relationship with Reece progresses. I have always loved reading and your books make me disappear into the pages. I want to be a writer some day as it has been my dream since I was little and I only hope to be like you. Nearly is kick ass!

    • elle says:

      Thanks, McKenna, for taking the time to share this with me! “. . . your books make me disappear into the pages” is such a beautiful compliment, and exactly what I aspire to do every time I write a book. And the way you’ve stated it is elegant and touching. I have a feeling you’re already well on your way to being a phenomenal writer. Keep at it. I’m sure Nearly would agree that you’re pretty kick ass, too! <3

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